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Aaron H.

I just read today that the Olsen Twins are in talks to play the titular siblings in Dreamworks' remake of A Tale of Two Sisters. I think I now hate America.


Oh good lord no! PLEASE say you made that up!

I joked about that after the screening - never thought it would become a reality.


I adored The Quiet Family when I first saw it; a viewing that was, coincidentally, not unlike Miike's.


Although I haven't seen The Quiet Family yet, I agree with you about Miike's version. It's difficult to have a better time watching a film than this. From the claymation sequences (created specifically for budget reasons) to the first dead body they find causing them to instantly break out in song and dance, I'm left chuckling out loud at the very idea. I hear he was shooting another children's film based on a popular short story and the studios caught fire in the middle of production, but I'm sure he'll find a way around this.


Now, if I hadn't clicked I would not have had the news of the Olsens in that possible remake. Oh, joy of joys!

I wanted to express my frustrations in you having Netflix and it being more of a challenge for me to get my hands on Korean releases here in the UK at affordable prices. Sometimes the DVDs get through by mail, sometimes they come with a postman attached, demanding a stiff tariff payment.


"There are a handful of very good Korean black comedies, and The Quiet Family is one of the best."

Okay. So what are the other ones? I'd like to track down the handful you mentioned. Do tell.


Well, there's 301/302, the wonderful Barking Dogs Never Bite (a review of which is forthcoming), The Hot Roof and The Humanist. Some have classified Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance as such, but that's arguable. Then there is Kim Ji-woon's follow-up to The Quiet Family, The Foul King, though I wasn't crazy about that one.


Michael Booth of the Denver Post wrote "Don't wait for Dreamworks to cast Jessica and Ashlee Simpson in the remake. Go see 'A Tale of Two Sisters' while it remains a Korean work of art." Although, whether or not this is meant as a joke or really true, I'm not sure. I hope Booth is just being funny, because such a remake would be scary that Tale of 2 Sis's, although scary in a completely different way.


At last you saw 'The Hot Roof'.
Very Funny feminist black comedy!!


and some Hong Sang-Soo films can be included in
this category.

"Even though we cannot be human, we should not
become monster." -'Turning Gate'.

rob leickner

I will list my three least favorite Korean films- Joint Securtiy Area, Natural City and Tale of Two Sisters. In comparison to Turning Gate, Samaria, and Oldboy these films just look and feel like any piece of crap served up in the wasteland known as the American Multiplex. The third act of tale of Two Sister's (if you can call it that) is such a let down I I literally yelled out- you got to be kidding- during it's run at the Vancovuer Film fest. This movie is so content to be just like movies such as Indentity that you could almost forget that Korea is going through a renaissance very similar to France and Italy during the 60's. I can only imagine that The Quiet family is a better film since it was made before the Sixth Sense and The Others. I am sorry to rant but this movie was so well shot and directed that it made me angry when it ended like it did. Song Kang-ho and Choi Min-sik are both amazing actors so I might check it out.


Rob -

While I agree with you that Tale of Two Sisters may not be one of the best Korean films of recent years, and that it is indeed commercial, there are elements to it that make it far superior to the films of one-note-Shamalayan. Though I guessed the "twist" early on, I was actually surprised by the ending.

It's a sad and painful truth that this "renaissance" is nearly over, as Korean studios have realized that there's money to be made on high-concept action flicks.

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