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"Film-school bad."

Excuse me?


Oops....[pulling foot out of mouth].

Was afraid that would ruffle some feathers.

Of course I was referring to those fly-by-night film schools where individuals feel that they can make a film after 12 weeks of study.

(Kubrick never went to film school.)

My aplogies, Matt.


Don't worry. Like you, I was only kidding.


I briefly mentioned Fear and Desire in a short essay about Tarkovsky's Ivan's Childhood, and my comments mirror yours pretty closely:

There’s often a refreshing fearlessness in the works of those artists who are still seeking a voice, who haven’t yet learned the rules and mastered the fundamentals. But that fearlessness is often matched by a naïve worldview and reckless ambition. Actually, in Kubrick’s case, I would go so far as to call that ambition hubris, as he and co-screenwriter Howard Sackler — who, like Kubrick was only in his mid-20s at the time — set out on a shoestring budget to make a film about “the two greatest motivating forces in human history,” or some such nonsense. Set in a fictional, dreamlike landscape amid a fictional, dreamlike conflict, Fear and Desire is a war picture drowning in banal allegory, notable only for its notoriety and for the occasional startling image that hints at all that would come in Kubrick’s five-decade career. I’m glad I saw it. Once.


The girl in the photo is Virginia Leith - who was brilliant and unforgetable as "Jan-in-the-pan" in THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE. She was also in Gerd Oswald's A KISS BEFORE DYING (1956). Kudos to Kubrick for discovering her. How was she in FEAR AND DESIRE?


That's "Jan-in-the-pan"? Too funny.

Hard to say how her performance is. She's tied to a tree and has to look frightened -- she does that pretty well, I guess.

I don't recall if she has any lines.


I should add -- her acting is far better than any of the soldiers!


Does any one have a copy of Kubrick's 'Day of the Fight'? Do you know where I can get it? I'd be willing to pay an appropriate fee. Thank you!

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