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nice review!
makes me want to see those shorts.
you make an intriguing case for the influence on scorsese. he does spend quite a bit of time on kubrick in his bfi "personal journey" documentary, which is a load of fun and revealing besides.
is the hammid short you refer to one of his non-maya deren films?


There were two Hammid shorts I had in mind -- the one about the cat, and another -- whose name I can't recall -- that followed a man around his apartment while he went through his daily routine.


If you haven't yet watched The Seafarers, be prepared to be bored senseless. Other than a nifty tracking shot or two, I didn't find anything in the film that gave any indication that it was a Kubrick film. Looking forward to your review.

I saw the shorts and Fear and Desire at the Library of Congress a few summers ago. It was such an exciting moment -- the thought of seeing more Kubrick. The crowd, all of us holding our tickets, lined up an hour before the screening began. I wish that the films had justified our excitement.


Darren -- you are SO right about The Seafarers. Have to figure out what to write about it.

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