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I truly had no idea that anyone else had ever even seen that film, which I grew fond of on numerous late night Canadian TV showings. (Along w/ "Play it as it Lays" and "That Cold Day in the Park"...)

Keep digging & good work.

Stephen Etheredge


I just finished producing the official site for Jerry Schatzberg, www.jerryschatzberg.com

could you update his profile with this info,




I just watched PUZZLE OF A DOWNFALL CHILD and was completely blown away. From the opening scene (the methods of montage from the landscape, to the beachfront 'flora', to the beachhouse, to the wheels on the tape-recorder turning) to the gut-wrenching sanitarium scenes to the final scene between Dunaway and Primus, PUZZLE OF A DOWNFALL CHILD is prime cinema art ripe for rediscovery.

Moses R Hafte

Film Entitled " Bye Bye Braverman It was a wonderfully and wistful REMEMBERANCE OF NY'S CITYCOLLAGE LIFE


in san francisco we just tonight saw it at the wonderful Castro Theatre (5/18/09) what a performance and film. Never have I seen mental illness so raw and real. The all time classic is Snake Pit. What so bothered me is that a number of young people in the audience kept laughing - nothing about this was funny to see someone come apart someone young and beautiful and successful just come apart disentangle disappear. The laughter was prominent at the end when her breakdown and hospitalization was shown. I think in these times particularly with such an emphasis on ones physical appearance it must be very upsetting to watch this woman come apart.
She lived in a world where perfection was the key and yet not really and her cross to bear was her "badness". I welcome to read more comments


Saw this movie last night followed by a Q & A with Schatzberg- supposedly there is only one surviving print of the film, that they know of (which was in pretty awful condition). I'd been searching for the film for awhile and it was as great as I hoped it would be. According to Schatzberg there is a possibility of a dvd release in France next year.


Who wrote the movie and why not give credit to the screenwriter..Carole Eastman (Adrien Joyce) may she rest in piece.


Schatzberg directed the movie--why not give to Carole Eastman (written under the name of Adrien Joyce)credit for the screenplay. She also wrote 5 Easy Pieces and the Fortune--Mr. Schatzbeg should give credit where credit is due...

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