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James Russell

Filmbrain was excited to find a DVD (well, DVD-R) of some rare Kubrick material

I hope you'll pardon me for saying this, but, quite frankly: you bastard. Why do I never make exciting finds like this? :(

Cheers for the Napoleon script, though, that'll be some good reading in the next day or two.


That's funny, before I even checked the comments on this I decided I was going to comment "You bastard." The Napoleon script rules, though.


That's funny, before I even checked the comments on this I decided I was going to comment "You bastard." That dvd-r should totally be on ebay.

The Napoleon script - choice find.


I commented twice, and now three times, because I am a total idiot. Sorry.


Not at all -- I can't imagine two finer people to be called "bastard" by.

Robert Hunt

"Day of the Fight" is hilarious and -unconsciously? - surreal. Was Kubrick familiar with Bunuel's films - especially "Land Without Bread" - when he made it?

Sharon Karpinski

HELP! Master's thesis time. I need Kubrick Assembled: The Rarities because (believe it or not) I need the material about the priest who flew a plane ("The Flying Padre.") I have no idea where to buy this bootleg DVD. I'm in Albuquerque, N.M. which does not have a lot of resources for weird DVD's. The only video store never heard of it. Sharon Karpinski


Happened to be flipping through your archive and was pleased to read this. I caught the Kubrick exhibit while I was vacationing in Germany and loved it. I snuck in a camera and got pictures of the inside of HAL and the milkbar from Clockwork Orange. Outside of the incompleted Napolean work I was surprised at how much research he had but into his never-completed Holocaust film, "Aryan Papers." Spielberg's rival project scared him out of it.

Andy Lytwyn

I actually have 'Kubrick Assembled: The Rarities' available to buy on DVD-R if anyone is interested in purchasing it? Its a fascinating watch indeed.Andy

[email protected]

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