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Odd... I saw the graphic of the tissue box, then the words "Chloe Sevigny", "blowjob", then the headline of your previous post... "Race for the Palme"



Shows you where Filmbrain's mind is at. . .


There is no way it can be a work of genious. If Filmbrain is an admirer of Gallo's work in BUFFALO '66, than I think we're gonna have to rumble. That film to me is the benchmark of bad cinema. It's the "Plan 9 From Outer Space" for the modern, hipster, arthouse, indie generation. Oh please, Filmbrain, with all your good taste, don't let me discover that your sensibilities are so badly warped.


Buffalo '66 and Henry Fool were released about the same time in '98. Both were incredible breaths of fresh air at the time. Too many indie films were trying to do the Tarantino thing, or were about whiny white guys figuring out what to do in their 20's. Ugh.

Sure B66 is 'all about Vincent', but he pulls it off. The cinematic references (especially to Ozu), the music, the performances -- all brilliant.

Filmbrain also loves Christina Ricci -- that is, the natural, pre-Ally McBeal Christina Ricci -- and thought she was perfect in the part. Watch her reaction when Ben Gazzara grabs her (she wasn't told he would do that) -- priceless. Plus, she does a tap-dance to a King Crimson song. 'Nuff said.

Then there's Kevin Corrigan (in both B66 and HF), Mickey Rourke, and a very scary Jan Michael Vincent who all turn in fine performances.

Maybe Filmbrain identifies (or at least identified) with the Gallo character.

But don't worry -- many people close to Filmbrain hate that he loves the film so much.


Tap dancing to King Crimson screams "Postmodern irony!" so loud you need ear plugs.


Your "chloe sevigny blowjob" problem reminds me of my "pictures of slimy Olsen twins" problem. I feel your pain, buddy: One little post about a "what-the-fuck-are-they-thinking" moment on Nickelodeon a couple of months ago, and suddenly 75% of the traffic to my site comes from pervs searching Google for Olsen Twins pics.

Not only do people email me asking for nude photos, they send them to me unsolicited (fakes, obviously). The Web is a dark, strange place...but that's what we love about it, right?


Marleigh -- you crack me up! (Adding to you my Blogs of Distinction list -- something long overdue.)

Gallo doesn't seem the PoMo type -- more of a geek actually -- hence the useage of Prog Rock in the film. Yes' Heart of the Sunrise?

Gallo just thought it would be cool to have somebody do a soft-shoe to Moonchild in a bowling alley.


Scotty -- I love the idea of people sending you unsolicited fakes. Too much.

Some people have been very aggressive in their emails. Things like: "Your [sic] a total asshole for not sharing the blowjob. I'm going a [sic] waste all the bandwidth to your sight [sic]."


I'm afraid I can't make any snarky comments about Yes, as "Owner of a Lonely Heart" is the ringtone on my cell phone. If a love of prog were the only criteria, I suppose Vincent Gallo and I could be soul mates, tap-tap-tapping away into the sunset to "Starless and Bible Black."

But what I really want to know is: what is wrong with the people who are really into seeing Chloe Sevigny giving Vincent Gallo a blowjob? He ranks as one of the creepiest people ever to appear on film (only lower than, say, Klaus Kinski). Even the idea of him in an overtly sexual situation makes my throat itch. Visible Gallo genitalia? No, thank you!

Side note: why do all hate-mailers have such a curious aversion to proper spelling and grammar? When I spew venom at people I disagree with, I prefer to do it with the good faith and backing of the Oxford English Dictionary. There's nothing better than being right and grammatically infallible.

(And a kind thank you for the linkage. You're already linked on my end, so there is now a mutual love-fest at work.)


Well....there was the bit in Buffalo '66 where the guy in the bathroom marvels at how 'big' Vincent is. But other than that, one can only guess where the desire comes from. (Have they never seen a porn flick?) Seeing Vincent shoot his load in Trouble Every Day wasn't enough for them, I guess.

As for Chloe Sevigny, hasn't she given a blowjob to somebody in every film she's been in?


Since she is, apparently, the stamp by which all indie films are labeled as such, I would suppose that Ms Sevigny does indeed fellate most of her male co-stars on camera. Why anyone would want to see it is beyond my comprehension, but alas I find pornography more amusing than arousing so I probably wouldn't get it.

I would venture a guess that if Mr Gallo feels it necessary to point out how 'big' he is, he is probably pulling a very Freudian maneuver to compensate for how small he actually is. I probably will never know, as I don't plan to see The Brown Bunny, but I'd say that for strict sexual content, pornography provides more interesting stimuli than an indie film.

...unless "Roundabout" is playing while she's going at it. Ooooh! Prog porn! That might make it worth my while.


[Marleigh's last post lit up Fimbrain's otherwise miserable Friday night.]

Roundabout.....hmmm...Could always bring your iPod to the theater. Gordon Lightfoot is on the soundtrack, so perhaps that's what is playing during the 'slurping the bishop' scene. Mmmmm...Gordon Lightfoot....erotic.

Well, looks like Filmbrain and Aaron from Out Of Focus are going to see it together, followed by a full contact Siskel vs. Ebert death brawl.


A good, old-fashioned death brawl makes any movie worth the time.

The death brawl could be improved even further, however, if you both used your rage to beat the tar out of that simpering ninny Joyce Kulhawik, known for her dreadful taste and idiotic opinions. She's so moronic Leonard Maltin looks intelligent and well-informed by comparison, which is saying a lot.

I was going to segue into a joke about Rush here, but I've decided that would be a little bit too much prog for one set of comments.


Had to lookup the Kulhawik. Yikes.

Still, how can you criticize a woman described as "an integral part of the region's cultural landscape"? That's quite a responsibility.

Found these choice quotes from her -- too precious not to share:

Final Destination 2 - It will scare the pants off you…Bring an extra pair!
Daddy Day Care – Hysterical
Rugrats Go Wild – Hot! Bruce Willis’ performance is brilliant and so funny! Delightful! I had a good time.
Paycheck – Double Hot!

She's the Pauline Kael of the moron set. Double hot!


My personal favorite Kulhawik quote (from "Hot Ticket"): "Walking Tall was walking small for me."

Oh, if only The Rock had used that baseball bat on her skull...*sigh*

That would be a movie I'd pay to see.


i loved buffalo 66 despite the fact that vincent gallo is repugnant and the film is achingly hip. not only do i love it, but i respect it. take that!


I just saw the BJ Scene, and it is probably the most graphic thing ever in a film. People go on and on about how bad irreversible was, but I found it to be not too bad. Of course, you saw very little of anything in that rape scene, and here one sees everything. All I can say is that if I was in any way attracted to that actress, Gallo ruined her. All of the contracts have been bought out, and only Lars "the bitch killed" Von Trier will give her a job. Is playboy next?


All this talk and no link the the acutal video

WTF? Post that shit already


The video is nowhere to be found on the internet. I was at a private screening. I work for a distribution company, and my boss went fucking nuts, and started screaming that this was the worst film he's ever seen. She still was hot, though.


Why doesn't marleigh blow filmbrain, while he reads the oxford dictionary?

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