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American audiences would just eat up SYMPATHY if they were ever allowed to see it. And if rumors are true, they will eventually later this year.

btw, Dong-jin isn't Ryu's former boss but a friend of Ryu's former boss. Remember the conversation Ryu and his gf have staking out Ryu's former boss?

Your quote from Park is interesting. I do find that the most together people can make the most depressing/violent works. Jean-Pierre Jeunet's joyously hopeful AMELIE is another example, I think. The reason he could make such depressingly gloomy earlier works is because he was hiding this hope for the world that emerged with AMELIE.

And I hear you about SYMPATHY making you feel horrible. Perhaps the title should have been "Feeling S***ty About Mr. Vengenace". Can't wait to see finally be allowed to see OLD BOY!


Oops -- I really thought he was the boss. Guess I wasn't paying close enough attention.

There's been so much in the news lately about Korean films being bought and remade -- happy to hear that this one may get an actual release.

Love your alternate title!


Great site. btw, the korean title of this movie is "Revenge is Mine". I have no clue how they got "sympathy for mr. vengeance" from.. "revenge is mine"


I think Korean title, Boksuneun naui gut, comes
from Imamura Shohei's Vengeance is Mine(1984).


A new interview with Park Chan-wook can be read at Hollywood Reporter.
Link here.

Also I have a friend doing daily Cannes film reviews on my site; Rashomon.blogspot.com


Where are you getting Park Chan-wook's films?

Green Cine only has Joint Security Area (which I'll give a try, it's not like there's a limit on queue length.)


Been buying them -- either from DVDAsian.com or from a Korean video store here in NYC.


Look on Ebay for Korean DVD's.


"Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance" has to be one of the flawless Korean film ever made. It also has to be Korean classic film!!!

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