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Hey, if it turned out to be a Cape Fear, I'd have no prob whatsoever. Scorsese's never going to make another Raging Bull. Mid-level flicks like Cape Fear, Color Of Money, After Hours, etc., are still better than 95% of everything else out there.


I saw Infernal Affairs at ND/NF last year (I think it was), and like you, I really enjoyed it. I'm sure Scorsese will not be making a simple and/or boring remake (regardless of how well it turns out), and while I haven't read that much about the specifics of the story as they're transferring it to American soil, the key to the first film is those two main characters anyway. I wouldn't say this about many filmmakers, but I'll put my faith in Scorsese's vision until I see it fail, which for me has only really happened once with New York, New York. Gangs of New York was flawed, a bit unfocused and overlong, but as Drew said above, it's still better than most of the stuff out there. And actually, I just saw a chunk of his Cape Fear a few weeks ago, and there's some really good stuff in that movie.

I haven't seen the other two Infernals though. I'm interested to see what you think.


Oh yeah, and as someone who is not a fan of Heat (I think Michael Mann is a better director of sequences -- the bank heist and the coffee shop scene are brilliant; the rest of the film to me was overlong and dull aside from some nice lighting), Infernal Affairs is a much better movie because it manages to integrate its unique style with its paranoid and hyperkinetic psychology attached to each of these undercover guys.


Drew/Aaron -- What both of you say about Scorsese is entirely correct. Perhaps he agreed to do this to raise funds for his long-desired Gershwin pic?

If it's true that the police chief and gang boss are being written out of the remake, that means it's just going to be about Brad/Leonardo, no?


Maybe, but I would imagine that they can't be written out completely or what is happening is a complete reimagining of the basic set-up. As you well know, both of those characters are integral to the development of the Brad/Leonardo characters. Without them there, what do you have? You're right ... not much. Which just leads me to think that I can't imagine Scorsese is about to do a simple action movie with not much and Brad and Leo just staring at each other with guns drawn (like the great scene on the Hong Kong building top). Maybe this won't be a remake as much as a complete reimagination ... maybe they're coming up with a more complex situation rather than simply overall good guy (his police contact/supervisor ... was he the chief? ok) and overall bad guy (gang boss). I don't know. The only thing I do have faith in is that of all people, Scorsese isn't about to dramatically change the story into something that is uninteresting. But then again ... I'll pretty much always give him the benefit of the doubt until he makes me doubt too much.

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