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14 January 2005



I care just the tiniest bit about the Oscars, and not at all for the Golden Globes.

Vince Keenan

I'm sure Christian Bale will recover from being overlooked by the Globes this year. After all, he's got his Bat-franchise to think about. Besides, The Machinist has video smash written all over it. The movie's tone was so gloomy that after a while it became funny -- Jesus, how bad is it gonna get for this poor bastard? But there's a reason for all the murk, which ultimately proved quite moving.

You know who I feel bad for? Kevin Spacey. The Globes are the only awards recognition Beyond the Sea is likely to get, and the film's already gone from theaters after only 2 weeks. But his work in it as an actor is so startling -- a hypnotic tribute to performance as a way of living one's life -- that I'd be tempted to give him a prize for the sheer ballsiness of it. Sunday is going to be his one moment in the sun. Until the DVD comes out, and people realize how bizarrely entertaining his movie is.


Re: item number 5, it's how they campaigned for Jamie Foxx. Becuase you can't have two performances nominated in the Best Actor category at the Oscars/GGs, DreamWorks and (I'm sure) Jamie's "people" decided to work the supporting category for Collateral. (Kinda like when Nicole Kidman won Best Actress for The Hours, while Julianne Moore, nominated for supporting actress, actually had more screen time.)


I imagine Aaron does not have that song running through his head because he probably left Phantom as soon as the credits (over which the song is played, it being a new one written solely for awards consideration) hit the screen -- I know I did. Yuck.

Did anyone read Lisa Schwarzbaum's review of The Machinist, which she gave a D- for the sole apparent reason that Bale's weight loss called to mind the victims of the Holocaust and was therefore in bad taste? Anyone agree with her? Anyone know what she thought of Super-Size Me? For the record, I thought the movie was decent.

la depressionada

Feel bad for Christian Bale. His asceticism apparently kicked off a dormant eating disorder.

As for Kevin Spacey, how could one of the most un-charismatic actors of the last decade portray one of most charismatic entertainers of the twentieth century and have the hubris to use his own voice as well? Thud.


RE: # 4--"The Wire" doesn't get nominated for anything because it doesn't make any fucking sense. I remember watching it the season it started, when I was willing to try any series HBO put out. The acting was terrific, but after about six episodes I just threw up my hands at trying to keep track of the cast of thousands. Maybe I'll give it another shot on DVD one of these days. And yes, I consider myself to be (as Yogi said) smarter than the average bear.


I haven't seen The Machinist yet, but am looking forward to it. I think Brad Anderson's going to do something really, really beyond amazing someday. Such range. Happy Accidents is one of my favorite movies, and it took YEARS to even get released on DVD (and was barely in the theaters). That the same director is even able to make both dark and light movies is something.


I saw The Machinist, and it suffers from the same problems in Anderson's equally frustrating Session 9. The movie is brilliant to watch, it just looks fantastic, and Anderson knows how to stage a scene, but in his third act, he allows the movie to fall apart - he is unable to tie all the loose ends together, and rushses towards the credits. Anderson also has this problem with clunky editing, where some of the juxtapositions just seem so wrong, the timing completley off. It is a systemic problem with him (I don't have the movie in front of me so I can't bring in the evidence, sorry). Bale's performance was calculated in a good way, but the movie was altogether mediocre, and I don't see its lack of praise as suprising.

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