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In China ,Peacock received a mass of censure, most of the reproachers were born in '80s, they couldn't comprehend the spiritual surrouding that the sister faced. This film ,it's really a common people epic other than saccharin movies congesting the screens nowadays. Further, I like the film so as to I give it 9 on 10 scale and it might be one of the top 3 excellent films of Chinese movies last 10 years.


What was the outcome of this? I assume there was government support for the film -- would it have gone to Berlin without it?


Absolutely no, this film went to Berlinale without governtment's assist. I think the jury really like it, why not? Despite the political tradition of Berlinale, PEACOCK is not relating to anything about politics.

In some degree, the success of PEACOCK in Berlinale maybe attributed to Peggy CHIAO Hsiung Ping (a famous critics and cinema promoter from Taiwan), her experience and strategy made this film popular in Berlin.


One more word, the next movie Gu Changwei prepares is not a sequel of Peacock, it's an independent film called "Spring Begins". The title means the first "solar term" in Chinese traditional calendar. Do u remember at the end of Peacock, the little brother Weiqiang said, "when father died, 'Spring Begins' is not too far away." It's likely to be a tip.


I had read on an Asian film site that Spring Begins would be the continuing story of Weihong. Sorry if I got that wrong.


It was said so once. But the spot news suggests that Spring Begins is totally a new story according to Li Qiang, the screenplayer of Peacock & Spring Begins. The new feature, which is a parable, focuses on the everyday life in a small town in '80s-'90s. It reflects the youth and destiny of 7 or 8 young men.


Is this getting a US release?


A lot of the Chinese film critics has given the film some really great reviews in China (Chinese film critics are exceptionally harsh towards native productions, Hero, HOFD, all recieved horrendous review from them), and the box-office looks really good for a drama like this. Two important Chinese director Jiang Wen and Tian Zhuangzhuang has also given high praise to the film.

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