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Aaron Hillis

A Man Escaped might just be my favorite Bresson flick (did you see it at Anthology last year?), but I often get it confused with Jacques Becker's eerily similar Le Trou.


Anthology's print is irritatingly unsubtitled, but actually this film doesn't really require an understanding of the French language to love.

Aaron Hillis

Strange... it was most definitely subtitled when I saw it.

Robert Nagle

Although I've been clueless about most of your screen captures, this one I got right off. I am not an idiot after all. (BTW, I recently bought ANDRE DEVIGNY's book that inspired the movie, on sale for 29 cents on amazon).


Hmm maybe I'm misremembering Aaron. I know their prints of Pickpocket and The Ladies of... are unsubtitiled. Maybe I was thinking of those.


The good news is, nobody should have to beat himself up over this one. Who, having seen the movie, could forget that car?


Quite a few people got the right director, but wrong film.


Not me, but.


Although I've been clueless about most of your screen captures


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