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Thanks for the review. I have to see this one. I saw the trailer just a few days ago.


I can't wait to see this (though I've never seen any other Kore-eda films), but I'm affraid the Anthology's amazing Hou Hsiou Hsien retro, followed by the Film Comment Selects may get in my way.

Adam Campbell

Caught it the other day. In my opinion, now firmly the best Kore-eda film. It's nice to see a director go from strength to strength rather than on the slide. That said I have to admit that while Distance had an interesting premise and some great momenets, the film as a whole seemed quite amateur and did not impress.

Nobody Knows comes off as a more complete and thought-out film, despite what the usual visual touches of the director's documentary background might imply. Indeed in an interview, he himself stressed the amount of profilmic Some of the strength in this picture is also Kore-eda's ability to give us the experience of childhood rather than simply the perspective (low angles etc). Hollywood should study this as an example of how to put children in a film, even the mature type, without them being either annoying people shrunk down or animals.


I'm french and I saw this film just some months ago. I agree that it is and unmissable movie.


I watched the movie the other day and found it to be very sad. I was really interested into finding the true story but there wasn't anything that went real deep into it. Once I found out that two kids died it made me feel so terrible. It really got to me when the little girl was atually beaten to death by the older boys friend. I cant picture a child doing something so terrible as to beat a young girl to death. I think the son should of drew a line and called the police instaed of helping to hide her body. Maybe he was at his end and just didn't know what to do anymore. Their mother is extremely selfish. The only questions that is left in my mind is What are the children doing now. Did they ever see the movie Nobody Knows? Do they still keep incontact with each other? Does the older son ever look back and regret what happend to his little sister and how he helped hide her body?

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