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Did you, um.....Did Filmbrain happen to see (or hear from anyone who saw) Sokurov's latest? I'm....um, sorry. Michael Sicinski is quite intrigued with his Sokurov's apparently controversial, sympathetic take on Hirohito. Please dish whatever Filmbrain has got.


Filmbrain - Based one of your old, old posts I picked up a VHS of Harry & Tonto. I loved it. Thanks for the recommendation!


Yes, Michael, I did see the Sokurov film -- am hoping to finish up my reviews this coming weekend when I am back in the States.


Something about this reminds me of a soft version of Base Moi


About "The Sun", also I'm waiting for your review and writing on Japanese response at my blog. I can't imagine what is the film like though I'm a Japanese.


Filmbrain mentioned that he'd seen the Pawel Pawlikowski film 'My Summer of Love' (for the film's website, click here). As I live in the area where the film was shot, I watched it with some interest. However, I found it rather slight. Its aesthetics are conventional and pedestrian, leaving us with just a straightforward individual-level narrative to follow. This is enjoyable enough, but it connects with no wider matters beyond the narrow world of the depicted characters and possesses little depth; it is soon forgotten, I fear.

The showing I attended was followed by a discussion with Helen Cross, the author of the book on which the film is based. She suggested that the film had made both the characters, the events and the locations more glamorous than those in her book. This process of re-shaping rather confirms the strongly mainstream aesthetics of the film, I think.

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