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I second Filmbrain's uber-enthused raves of Turning Gate, which I plan to see. Other than Declaration of Fools (which I can't make it to) this fest isn't ending with much of a bang. With the noir and Visconti retros competing, I'm only heading to the Hong.

Aaron H.

Geez, now I feel like a schmuck for deliberating over Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring for inclusion in my Top Ten Films of 2004.

Aaron H.

Geez, now I feel like a schmuck for deliberating over Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring for inclusion in my Top Ten Films of 2004.


TURNING GATE SUCKS! I don't know what you're talking about?! Actually, I do know what you're talking about since I'm just kidding, it's a freaking wonderful film that still rolls around in my head today.

And may I also offer up as a suggestion CHILSU AND MANSU, a very important film, which many consider the beginning of the Korean New Wave and I'm so jealous you all get a chance to see it. Also, ASAKO IN RUBY SHOES is an interesting film as well. A nice example of recent Pan-Asian production, in this case, between Korea/Japan.

Finally, since you're a big fan of HONG Sang-soo, Filmbrain, if you weren't aware, Park Chan-ok, the director of the also showing JEALOUSY IS MY MIDDLE NAME, was assistant to Hong on OH, SOOJUNG! If that's not endorsement enough, I'm not sure what is.


Aaron - You needn't feel like a schmuck. I actually really liked the film as well, at first. But watch it again -- it doesn't really hold up, IMO. It really does seem that he intended to make a film for a "foreign" audience. A "festival pleaser". I much prefer his darker works -- Bad Guy, Samaria, etc.


Adam --

You're right, I probably should have included Chilsu & Mansu.

As for Jealousy is My Middle Name, I found it to be Hong-lite, or at least trying too hard to be a Hong Sang-soo film. That's not to say it's without merits, but I just don't think it's a must-see.

Asako in Ruby Shoes -- yes, interesting in that it is a collaborative effort, but not that good a film, IMO.

Michael Kerpan

I think you are not giving enough credit to "Jealousy Is My Middle Name". I think Park Chan-ok's vision is pretty distinct from that of Hong -- and the tone of the film is quite different. More somber, less humor. And some truly fine acting. Is it "essential"? Well, maybe not. But is highly worthy.


Hmmm...I should give it another look. Perhaps I saw it too close to Turning Gate to give it a fair chance.

Michael Kerpan

I saw "Jealousy" and "Turning Gate" in the same week -- and liked "Jealousy" better. But "Turning Gate" was more extroverted. Probably why I liked "Jealousy" more. ;~}

(My favorite Hong film remains "Virgin")



Turning Gate ruled my second viewing, but I think that his latest might actually be a superior film. I have yet to see any of Hong's older work.

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