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Oh hell no. H-E-L-L N-O.

I already hated that pompous, self-important (and self-righteous), bald, verbose vegan windbag—but fucking with Ian is going too far. I have a hard time believing that Moby could do Ian's life justice; he couldn't even properly cover a Joy Division song, so I have little hope about this filmmaking skills.

I bet he'll dredge up all those old rumors about Joy Division being a white supremacist band—or worse yet, they'll depict the urban legend version of Ian's suicide: standing on a block of ice with a rope around his neck. *shudder*

Ian's been dead a long time. He should let the guy rest in peace.


Marleigh --

Your post totally got me out of my dead Tony Randall depression. Thanks.

Verbose vegan windbag....priceless.


Michael Winterbottom already did Curtis, and he dealt with the stupid nazi rumor.


Great film, wasn't it? Steeve Coogan made a great Tony Wilson.


Not bad overall, but entirely too much of the Happy Mondays. Not one of my favorite Manchester bands.

I'm sure 24 Hour Party People beats the hell out of whatever pap Moby is going to bring us, though. Who's ready for the gospel remix of "Love Will Tear Us Apart" during an artful montage of Ian's hanging corpse, followed by shots of the weeping widow and child (and mistress) at the funeral? Or the industrial-fusion remix of "Dead Souls" as Ian has an epileptic fit on stage?

Yikes. The only thing worse than imagining the horrors Moby will perpetrate on the catalog of one of my favorite bands is to try and figure out who they'll cast as Ian. This could get much, much worse.


I've enjoyed all of the Winterbottom movies' I've seen so far. I still need to rent the one from last year that he shot on the sly about the migrants.

But I'm a little scared of this new one.


The hardcore sex one? Sounds interesting, I think.

Moby sucks

I hate Moby

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